Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Those We've Lost

Here I am feeding Moja treats.
Here I am with Isabeau
Memorial Day is about honoring those who have and still do serve
our country. It's an important day in my family and always has been, since so many of my family have served in the armed forces. In fact, I blogged about my grandfather over at But, I also find myself thinking about some of the many animals I've loved and lost today. So, I thought I'd share some images I found of them. I hope you enjoy a lovely holiday with friends and family, today. Thanks so much to all those who have and still do serve our country!

Nita and Teela

I have a tattoo of Grady the leopard on my ankle

Tonto letting me hand feed him browse.

Forest Gump the Puffin who didn't like to swim.
My angel of Mercy, pictured here with Cinco
Sting the Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot. His partner was Roxanne.
Bambesa, my favorite Okapi and her calf.

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