Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elephant Contacts and Baby Lemurs

There has been some fantastic zoo news to hit my inbox, today. First, I'm sending out three cheers for C'Sar, the bull African Elephant at the NC Zoo. He came through his second cataract surgery successfully today. His vision has been declining rapidly for some time, now. The first surgical procedure to attempt a replacement lens was not fully successful, because his cornea was too damaged to support the specially designed lenses, according to the surgeon, Dr. Richard McMullen. The cataract removal did, however, improve C'sar's vision. Now, the second surgery is complete and the old man should be returning to his exhibit again soon. It appears there are possible contact lenses in the works for C'sar, as well. These specially-made lenses, if they are needed once the staff assesses C'sar's post-surgery vision, and they work, will help the elephant improve his lost near-sighted vision. Either way, I'm thrilled to hear that the old boy is on the mend. Congrats to C'sar and to my friends on the NC Zoo staff!

This image of C'sar was taken recently. He's being fed a peanut butter sandwich by Angus Mercer, the man who donated the money to purchase him from the Toledo Zoo back when C'sar was just 4 feet tall at the shoulder. He's grown quite a bit since then, wouldn't you say? Mr. Mercer paid a visit to C'sar for the first time in 35 years.

In bonus news, at another zoo I've known and loved, the red-ruffed lemurs at the Sante Fe Community College Teaching Zoo (where I got my zoology degree) have a baby. Woot! As my friend's daugher "Chibi-tan" would say, "Isn't she cute?"

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