Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Doggy Birthday Reprise

Cinco and Mercy
Yesterday was my doggy's eleventh birthday. Her name is Cinco in honor of the fateful holiday that I found her. Over at my other blog, Creative Antics, I wrote a little story about the day we met with some photos of Cinco and her late bosom buddy, Mercy, the Rottweiler who helped me rescue her. They were fast friends for many years until Mercy passed away from Cushing's Disease two years ago. I found more of the old pictures of these two together. So, I'm posting a few more images, and if you make the jump, you can find out how Mercy helped me rescue Cinco one fine Cinco de Mayo morning. I hope you enjoyed your holiday yesterday as much as we did.

She still sleeps like this
And like this, too.
They were the best of friends!

Happy Birthday Cinco! I love you!

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