Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Thanksgiving Tips from my Furry Friends

Today, I braved the hoards at several airports across the country to travel to my father's house for Thanksgiving. This year promises to be filled with good food, family, and lots of laughter. By way of a brief Happy Thanksgiving wish, my furry friends would like to offer up a few choice holiday tips for everyone.
Baby the giraffe says, "Savor every moment."
Emeril Junglefowl recommends more veggies this year.
Arnie the water buffalo says, "Make time for friends!"
Cinco says, "Keep Tums handy, just in case."
Mercy was fond of the post-turkey nap.
Nita and Teela were always partial to family hugs.
Above all, tell the ones you love how special they are!

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a safe and happy holiday.

All photos by Amanda C. Sandos except the junglefowl photo appears courtesy of John Ireland.