Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cinco Dingo Joins the Fire Department

Okay, not really. Though, she will definitely volunteer to be the Forest Fire Company's new mascot. My little dog is really cute, and seriously smart, and she loves having her picture taken. I fear she's far too much of a diva to rush into anything burning for anyone else, however. Well, except maybe for me. I can see her trying to save me. Cinco's loyal that way. She's probably also a little bit too timid for the job. However, she certainly didn't mind visiting the brand new fire house next door to help me flirt with all the hot fire fighters. The view from our back yard these days is divine. All those sweaty people out washing their fire trucks and carrying big hoses and rushing off to save people. Woot! I digress. The Forest Fire Company is a volunteer fire department. They are in need of contributions to complete their new fire station so they can best serve the people of my community. Visit their website for more information.

Check out Cinco's day as a fire fighter:

Where do I sign up?


I'd make a really good mascot!

Gramma and Grampa are so proud!

Off to fight fires! Wish me luck!


Cherie Noel said...

Finally, I get to comment. Thank you, great and mysterious techno thingy in the sky.

Amanda, I LOVED the pics, and the post. Thanks!

Amanda Corlies said...

LOL! Sorry the comment thingys aren't working for you. LOL!