Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Those Funky Monkeys

Photo by Eric Fell
The monkeys are coming out of the woodwork. Okay, well, maybe they are just coming out of the woods. The big animals news of this week over at National Geographic is the rediscovery of the Miller's grizzled languor. This species, thought to be extinct, was rediscovered in the Wehea Forest of Borneo. And, scientists discovered what appears to be not one, but two separate populations of them.

Stephenie Speher reports eleven individuals sighted in one group including thriving youngsters. There is no mention of how many were sighted with the second group. They are temporarily protected by an indigenous group and the local government, but they are surrounded on all sides by logging. 

Photo by Jeremy Holden
And, in Burma, an image of the newly discovered Myanmar Snub Nosed Monkey was captured by Jeremy Holden and his camera trap team. The team, led by Holden and working for Flora and Fauna International, traveled 3000m up into the mountainous rhododendron forests of Myanmar to set their camera traps. They waited months, and made several trips to check traps. They trekked through the jungle in the rain, slept in tilted leaking tents to keep the run off away from their heads. They slept with portions of their bodies submerged in water all night to collect this first image. How did they celebrate? With coffee packets and local cheroots around the camp fire, of course. You can read about the whole adventure here.

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