Saturday, January 21, 2012

Congratulations Tammy Chimp

Tammy chimp, a 41 year old female at the North Carolina Zoo, gave birth to a daughter named Ebi last Monday. Both are doing well, and so far, Tammy is caring for the baby without intervention from her keepers. Congratulations to Tammy, and to all my friends, chimp and otherwise, at the NC Zoo.

Ebi and Tammy will remain off exhibit for the next few months at least. But, don't worry, they have a fantastic, state of the art, off-exhibit holding area, complete with private outdoor access, should the weather get warm enough to allow it.

You might, however, catch a glimpse of Nori, the zoo's seventeen month old chimp, on exhibit when the weather permits. She is adorably cute, just like a baby chimp should be. Also, if you have not already read "Bonding with Hondo," my short story about helping to raise a baby chimp, you can find it here.

I wish all the best to Tammy and Ebi and their keepers! Here's hoping for continued health for Ebi and maternal success for Tammy. My fingers and toes will be crossed!