Monday, January 16, 2012

Striking to Protest SOPA and PIPA!

On January 24th, if the American public does not stand up and say no, the internet may drastically change, and not for the better.
While both SOPA and PIPA acts have been masqueraded to the public as acts to stop piracy, something that is already covered by existing laws, I might add, large media conglomerates are poised to begin censorship of the internet. Should this act pass, you will be handing our freedom of speech over to those who, I assure you, have only their own interests at heart. You will allow them to decide who and what gets shut down on the internet. The entertainment industry will be gaining control of the internet.
And, isn't it interesting how your local news, heck even the national news has had little to nothing to say about this? Could this be because they are owned by the same corporations who would like to take control of the internet via the passing of said bills? You may think this won't affect you. I assure you it will.
How will you feel when Yahoo!, Facebook, Google, Reddit, Youtube, Mozilla, Wikipedia, in essence, all the places you go to find your information daily at the touch of a finger, or to share your photos, or to gossip with your friends or email your coworkers are suddenly gone? When your blog, your web business, your shop on Etsy gets closed, don't be shocked. 
Please consider joining the fight to protect our freedoms. Call your congressmen and senators, join the strike, take five minutes out of your day. Go to  to join the strike. Go to to help stop this bill! But, for all of our sakes, please don't sit at home doing nothing! PIPA is NOT a compromise!
If I were internet savvy, this sight would be blacked out. But, because I am not, I am doing the next best thing. I will not be posting any further blogs for this week on either of my web sites. Consider this my official strike in protest because,

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