Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stephen Kingfisher: Another Lover of Horror

Courtesy of the NC Zoo
A couple of days ago, a friend and former coworker sent me this lovely grey-headed kingfisher image. The bird in the photo also happens to be a good friend of mine. Meet Stephen Kingfisher. He lives at the North Carolina Zoo's Forest Aviary where I worked for ten years. He was one of my favorite birds, the king hunter of the exhibit.

Stephen was not adverse to killing. Then again, what kingfisher in his right mind is? He was constantly helping us with pest control. He was also really good at keeping the place clear of all small reptiles and amphibians who found their way into the aviary through the dirt floors or stowed away hidden on the tropical plants. Apart from the clever play on words, he got his name from the apparent relish with which he made his kills.

It wasn't uncommon to find him perched proudly somewhere showing off his latest victim. Often it was a dead anole with its legs and tail hanging limply out of his mouth. Stephen Kingfisher would then proceed to whack and pulverize it for an unusually long time before finally gulping it down. It seemed obvious that he liked having an audience for this, and the more they reacted the more he relished it. Yes, a bird lover of horror that does his namesake proud. It's really good to see him again.

I think a visit to the NC Zoo might be just the thing. It's about time I said hello to all of my friends there, furry, feathered and otherwise.

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