Thursday, February 16, 2012

The World's Largest Eagle

Philippine Eagle by David Tomb
The Philippine Eagle has been inspirational to many as the national symbol of the Phillipines and the largest eagle in the world. So inspirational, in fact, that several artists who traveled to see these eagles last year have started a project to help save them through art. I love the way The Jeepney Project thinks. This project, headed by artist David Tomb, is educating people through exhibitions and outreach, while creating and selling works of art to help fund conservation for them. They are partnered with The Philippine Eagle Foundation.

These amazing eagles are vanishing at an alarming rate, like so many other species, due to human encroachment and habitat destruction. Find out what you can do to help by going here!

Then make sure you head over to The Ravens Crossing to read the stories. Darci & Elliot by Andi Lea went live today, and yesterday was West Thornhill's first story, Kazuki & Quinn. The stories are all Young Adult (YA) Fantasy, Sci Fi Adventures. Each segment is written in flash fiction style and all of the stories work separately or together, because they all take place in the same world. Plus, the site is interactive and free. This week you have SIX CHANCES TO WIN A KINDLE TOUCH by commenting on each day's story. Don't miss out!

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