Monday, February 13, 2012

The Puffin Dog

The Westminster Kennel Club is debuting six new breeds this week at their 2012 show. Among them, the Norwegian Lundehund, better known at The Puffin Dog. Having cared for them at the zoo, I have a soft spot for Puffins. For some strange reason, even though the breed is known for helping to hunt the birds, I have a soft spot for this little Puffin Dog, too.

The Puffin Dog's coolest features: They have six toes so they can walk and grip the rocky shorelines of their homes and they are double jointed, which helps them wiggle out of crevices and get into tight spots in the rocks. They also have a double coat for protection against the cold, so I won't be getting one, since I live in the Southern United States. These dogs are built for cold.

Check out the fantastic video I found over at The Huffington Post. "The Dog of the Gods," another Mexican breed I won't even try to pronounce or type, cracks me up!

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Thanks to West Thornhill for sharing this information with me.

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