Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Degree from the Cool Kids!

A long-time fan of all things Cornell, I recently discovered a friend of mine is now working over at their Lab of Ornithology. I went all geek girl, telling everyone about my one degree of separation, like this somehow meant I could now play with the cool kids who are doing amazing things for avian research. Anyway, said friend informed me she was working on the lab's new Bird of Paradise Project. So, of course, I've been over there snooping around for days. Now, they've unveiled the new site publicly, and it's amazing. 35 high definition videos of Birds of Paradise in their natural habitats in Papua, New Guinea. In case you don't know, that area of the world is vigilantly protected by natives (go natives), so getting westerners in to collect data isn't easy.  Check out one of the new vids from the Bird of Paradise Project website. Without further ado, I give you the most amazing sounding Curl-Crested Manucode. Make sure you watch for the bit on the anatomy that makes their wacky vocalizations possible. It's pretty wicked.


annie said...

Fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing.

Amanda Corlies said...

I've spent hours over there watching already. LOL! Glad you enjoyed.