Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

On this April 22nd, 2012, the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, we have come so far, and yet have so much farther to go. I hope on this momentous day, you will take a moment to look around at your daily habits and think about just one or two simple things you can do to benefit our earth. For me, I have opted to work towards using less plastic in my kitchen. By that I mean, cutting the use of the ziploc bags my family is fond of buying. I've bought green, reusable containers, and I have been pointing them out to everyone each time I catch them in the presence of ziplocs. I am also being more diligent about carrying my reusable drink cups everywhere to cut back on the use of disposable cups, lids and straws. Yes, I already do these things and a whole lot more, like recycling, even using all green and recycled products in my art practice, like reducing as much paper in my office as possible, like purchasing a small car that is fuel efficient, and the list goes on. But, it's easy to get complacent, particularly when it comes to convenient food and drink option. So, this Earth Day, I am taking the time to reaffirm my commitment to green actions.

If you are in or around the National Mall, as always, there is a huge Earth Day celebration planned. Head on out and join those who will be showing their support for a cleaner, greener planet. You can find out more over at I am posting one of the first newscasts about the very fist earth day protests, in case you haven't seen it. You'll find that politicians today make some of the same tired arguments they made back in 1970, when they tried to place other things over the importance of environmental concerns. As always, to this I say, we have nothing if we don't have a healthy planet to sustain us. How much more important can it get than the survival of our species? Please don't misunderstand me. Issues like social justice and poverty or no more or less important than environmental issues. These are all supremely important issues that should be treated with equal respect. This is not an either/or kind of discussion. Things need to change on many fronts. Change can happen. I've experienced it. We all have. Change begins with each individual, in the simple act of reflecting on how they each can make a difference, then acting upon it, both by their choices and by their advocacy. It's as simple as that.

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