Friday, November 18, 2011

Who is Protected by Protect IP?

Today's spotlight video on Youtube was the fantastic Disney classic animated short Steamboat Willie.

I hope you will enjoy watching it. But, before you do, please realize that the time for watching many of the things you enjoy online may be coming to a rapid, and if your not paying attention, unexpected close. And, if you want to keep your internet freedom so you can enjoy music, television, movies, and art online, not to mention freedom of speech, you will need to read on and consider helping in the fight to keep internet censorship from happening.

So, now that you've had some fun, let me focus you on The Protect IP Act and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) getting ready to come before Congress. Neither act is worded as internet censorship, but trust me, the potential is there. Though, on the surface, they may seem like a good idea, you must look deeper and ask yourself just who is protected by this act, and do we want to hand that kind of power to large corporations like Disney? We would be giving large entertainment corporations, and our government, the power to close internet sights down, and due to the wording of these acts, close them down for a whole lot more than "piracy" of "intellectual property." So, please, take some time to check out Fight for our Future, and then join me in helping to spread the word to others.

Our elected officials need to know that the voting public does not agree! Most of all, please, if you enjoy the internet, things like reading blogs, sharing with your friends on social media, and online entertainment, don't assume this does not effect you, because it does! I promise you won't like the results if you sit back and do nothing, even if you are one of the artists these acts are professing to protect! Fight for the Future website makes it easy for you. Just follow the simple steps over there, and thanks for helping.

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