Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

This month finds me pet sitting for everyone and their mothers, literally. I even have my own mother pet sitting for me because I don't have enough hours in the day. With the economy down, and after months of nobody hiring, I am happy to report that people are traveling once more, and this has been my busiest July on record,(July always being the busiest month of the year.)If you have not seen the movie Best In Show, give it a look and you will get a glimpse into my life. I love my clients, but they ask for some really weird stuff. You have no idea. Anyway, since all of this pet sitting offers me little time to write, or even hit the on switch on my computer for that matter, I have opted to provide you with a photo essay and introduce you to some of my doggy friends. Most of the photos were taken with a cheap cell phone, so don't expect art here folks.

For all you cat lovers, I have plenty of cat friends too, but as you know, most of them are not interested in pleasing said pet sitter, and are often not cooperative about having their pictures taken. Also, I highly doubt any of them will give their consent to have their photos posted publicly online. Since I don't want any law suits,and if any animal could pull off suing me and win it would be a cat, I'm sticking to the happy-go-lucky, non-legally savvy dogs.

Meet a few of the pack:

First and foremost, the fabulous Kevlar, who belongs to one of Lynchburg's finest.

Next we have Max and Sophie, showing a bit of the size differential I'm dealing with.

Give it up for Isabella and Diana. Goddesses of the dog world. Diana will tell you!

Here's Belle enjoying her 4th of July feast.

Let us not forget Ida Street, fab dog of my mentor and lit professor at RMWC.

Here's Lola and Ringo who belong to a French woman so they only speak French. All I know is how to say to them is yes, no, come, sit, stay, and very good. We get along anyway. Some things are never lost in translation.

Here's Lacy, my little diabetic dog. Her twin sister Gabby thinks she's a cat, so no pictures, please.

Last but most certainly never least, here are my very own babies. Yummy belongs to my Mom. He has few teeth, so his tongue hangs out a lot.

Here's my fabulous Mercy. Look at that belly! She's the best hugger ever. When you squeeze her, she rumbles. She loves it!

Cinco loves to hang out by the pool and lay in the sun, but she's not at all impressed with the cute boys.

So, there are just a few of my dog friends. I hope you have dog friends too. They really are the best kind!


Jess said...

Kevlar rocks.

Also, I think that cats file paw suits... Sorry, I couldn't help it!

Zooleft said...

Jess. That rocks. Paw suits! LOL! Wish I had thought of it:)